Extend your iPhone’s Battery life

Howtogeek.com published a cool Checklist-like How-To to save some more battery power with iPhones. Based on that, here’s my own Checklist to quickly go trough the steps.

Open the Settings App to check following configuration items:

  • Disable Background Refreshing (General -> Background Refresh)
  • Disable Notifications
  • Disable Push for Mail, Contacts, Calendars (use manual refresh)
  • Disable Bluetooth until you really need it
  • Disable Location complete / on a per App basis (Privacy -> Location Services)
  • Disable Spotlight Search if you don’t need it (General -> Spotlight Search)
  • Use automatic Brightness, adjust Brightness down to save energy
  • for iPad: totally turn it off for longer periods

Original article at howtogeek.com/215850/how-to-extend-your-ipads-battery-life-when-youre-not-using-it


Changes in iOS 9

No, iOS 9 isn’t released yet, but there already are rumors about the new features that will come. I put all I know into this article here, to have a list of all features when iOS 9 is released. It’s always the best, if you take a minute to try all this new things once, to remember the best of them forever.

New Features:

  • Faster App Changer
  • Keyboard letters change to upper/lower letters
  • Search function in Settings App
  • detailed Battery use information
  • Call contacts directly from search function
  • Photos app allows to select many photos at once by drawing a rectangle

Full Article with Screenshots: gizmodo.com/the-best-hidden-changes-in-ios-9-in-gifs-1711575927