ESXi Pink Screen of Death (PsOD)

Have you ever seen one? 🙂

This was my first:


How it started

But let me start from the beginning. We’re using Veeam Backup Software installed as a VM, backing up all other VM’s on the same and another host in a shared vCenter environment. As soon as Veeam tried to backup VM’s from the same host, ESXi ran into this pink screen.


The Screenshot tells us something about Exception 14 in world 34461 (line 2) and even more informational, there’s another hint “…E1000PollRxRing@vmkernel…”. You’ll find this at the first line beginning with 0x41239a…


VMware recommends using vmxnet3 Network Adapters every possible time. We didn’t and actually ran into a problem here. Since we’ve changed only the network card of the Veeam VM to vmxnet3, we never saw Pink screens again. Unfortunately. 😛

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