vSphere Web Client vs. vSphere Client Appl. (c#)

VMware itself tells us to migrate to the new Web Client, because many of the new features are only available on the Webinterface and not integrated into the old vSphere Client Application.

BUT: there are also features, you’ll miss in the Web Client. You’d like to connect a ESX directly? Not possible. You like the Maps feature? You’ll miss it. Shame on you VMware.

Here’s my list of Features.

Only in vSphere Client Application

  • Maps for vCenter
  • old Plugins (most will work, not not all)
  • direct connect to ESX Host
  • Custom Attributes
  • Update Manager, editing Baselines

Only in Web Client

  • Tags
  • vSphere Replication
  • shared nothing vMotion
  • vmdk >2TB
  • vm Hardware v10


Florian Grehl created a more detailed list at his blog virten.net:

VMware itself also published a document “Which vSphere client should I use?”:

About Update Manager:

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