JetPack for DHCP DB maintenance missing?

During my learning courses of Server 2012, I just tried to do a DHCP Database maintenance using JetPack. I really didn’t found that executable, so I also tried doing the same under Server 2008r2. No success. Know why? JetPack is only installed in combination with the WINS Role. Who does still use WINS?!? (Sorry for that.)

So if you don’t want to install the WINS Role only to get the JetPack executable back, there is one other way.

  1. Open Explorer, Browse to %windir%\System32
  2. Use the Search Box and enter “JetPack”
  3. Copy the executable to %windir%\System32\dhcp
  4. Run your maintenance


Technet Article; Jetpack.exe on Windows 2008 server

KB145881 How to Use Jetpack.exe to Compact a WINS or DHCP Database

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