Hide User Accounts at Windows Logon Screen

On some Computer installations, I prefer to cread two user accounts like “User” and “UserAdmin” to have the Admin Rights still separated even if UAC is implemented. This gives you the advantage that windows asks for a password before any program gets elevated rights and ensures that you don’t only click on yes as usual. In my oppinion it’s more secure to work this way for people that have less experience on computers.

But if I create this additional account, that account is also visible as logon account on startup. To prevent this account being listed there, I had to change the following Registry key:

  • Open “HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon
  • Create a Subkey “.\SpecialAccounts
  • Create a Subkey “.\SpecialAccounts\UserList

The whole new key should look like this:


Now you can create a DWORD with the name of the user you want to change the setting. As an example, let’s use “UserAdmin” here:

Now you can use the following Values for that DWORD:

0 = hide User Account
1 = show User Account

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