Configuring VTP on a Cisco Switch

The VLAN Trunking Protocol is a very helpful Tool if you’re too lazy to create and maintain description on every switch manually for each VLAN.


VLAN Trunking Protocol (VTP) is a Cisco proprietary protocol that propagates the definition of Virtual Local Area Networks (VLAN) on the whole local area network.[1] To do this, VTP carries VLAN information to all the switches in a VTP domain. VTP advertisements can be sent over ISL, 802.1q, IEEE 802.10 and LANE trunks. VTP is available on most of the Cisco Catalyst Family products.

The comparable IEEE standard in use by other manufacturers is GVRP or the more recent MVRP.


HowTo Configure VTP

Enter the configuration terminal, this enables more options to configure.

conf t
vtp mode client
vtp domain mydomain
vtp password mypassword

If you’re not sure what password is defined on the master, just go to another switch or the master itself and use this command to get it:

show vtp password

To check if VTP is running and receives the VLAN information, simply hit the following command on the terminal to show up configured VLAN’s and their description.

show vlan

To add another vlan with name, you must first enter the “vlan database” (not in conf-t) to configure it:

vlan database
vlan 123 name MyNewVLAN


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