Create Icons on your Linux Desktop

On Windows, you can right click on your Desktop to select New->Shortcut. On Linux, it isn’t as easy like this.

To be faster, I recommend to open a shell without root privileges. As an example, we’re goint to create a Desktop File that opens a Remote Desktop Session to “server2” using the “rdesktop” executable. To do so, we create a file, set it as executable and open it in gedit with the following commands:

  • cd /home/username/Desktop
  • touch server2.desktop
  • chmod +x server2.desktop

A new Windows appears, where we now can insert the following text template:

[Desktop Entry]
Name=server2 (RDP)
Exec=rdesktop -g 1280×900 servername
Comment=Start Remote Desktop Session

Save the file and check out the new Icon on your Desktop. The Icon file defined in Line 4 can be created by searching for any Icon on Google Images and covert it using the following online Tool:

Icon created !

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