Useful Linux Commands and Tools (Ubuntu)

These are just some notes on commands and hints I’ve found using Google during my Linux installation and daily tasks. Some of them are related to my Linux Mint Distribution, but should also work on others.

Helpful Commands

aptitude resp. apt-get
To search for a software bundle:
$> apt-cache search
To install a software bundle from the search above:
$> apt-get install

Install downloaded .deb or .pkg files

$> sudo dpkg -i software.deb
$> sudo aptitude install software.deb
$> sudo rpm -i software.rpm

A lot of drivers are only available as i386 (32-bit) Installation Packages. If you have luck, the Vendors¬† made a Linux driver for their Device, but normally this is not the case. If you find one, the next problem could be that it is a 32-bit driver, that can only be used on 32-bit systems (I wasn’t able to install a 32-bit one on my 64-bit system).


Disktrim A Disk Trimming Program  

Good Settings

/etc/fstab file
-> add the “discard” option to a filesystem to enable SSD Trim function
-> use “sudo blkid” to get a filesystem’s UUID
Information to fstab:
Information to SSD’s:…)