Some Notes to SQL and Performance

Some months ago, I tried to start a own Wiki site to maintain Know-How. Unfortunately I stopped filling it with updates as soon as I started this Blog 🙂

To not loose the small but interesting Knowledge, I want just put it in here:

RAID Layouts

Dell uses only a 2-Disk RAID1 LUN for Database Logfiles, while using a 10-Disk RAID10 for Database.

Performance Tests

There are three basic parameters to alter when running the I/O tests: block size, read/write, and serial/random. For SQL Server, the minimum tests to run are 8-KB and 64-KB block sizes, both serial and random, and both read and write. Most of the ratings you find on the Web are stated in throughput of bytes/sec for the 64-KB serial read test (which gives the highest throughput rating). A value of over 250 MB/sec per core for today’s computers is typically sufficient.

external Links

Scaling Up Your Data Warehouse with SQL Server 2008
Performance of SQL Server 2005 on ESX Server 3.5 

Benchmark Tools

SQLIO Disk Subsystem Benchmark Tool
IOmeter Project

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