Create a Win7 / Server2k8r2 Boot USB Stick

This looks like a hard “operation” on the USB Hardware, but in truth it’s just formatting a partition on the USB Stick, set the Partition as active and copy all files on it.

So here’s how to:

Create a bootable partition
Open a cmd window; admin rights are maybe required, you’ll be asked on starting diskpart. Enter the following commands to create a primary FAT32 partition marked as active:create partition primary.

diskpart (that’s a command line disk partitioning utility)

list disk (to show up all existing disks)
select disk 1 (where number 1 is the number of your USB Stick)
clean (to clear the existing config)

create partition primary
select partition 1
format fs=fat32 quick

Now just copy the content of any Windows Installation Media to the USB Stick and boot it.

(found on…)

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